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Irrigation System Efficiency
Before a grower can schedule an effective irrigation event, the irrigation system itself must be operating at a high level of efficiency. This video contains information on the definition of irrigation system efficiency and how it is measured.

Tree Crops
Irrigation Scheduling for Tree Crops
Scheduling irrigation events for tree crops can be done using a variety of tools including evapotranspiration data, and soil moisture sensors. This video contains basic information on how to employ these methods. For step-by-step instructions on irrigation scheduling for tree crops, click here.

Irrigation Scheduling for Vineyards
While there are many methods used for irrigating red winegrapes, regulated deficit irrigation is one that has been proven through University research to produce quality red winegrapes without using much water at all. This video contains basic information about Regulated Deficit irrigation.

Vineyards General Collecting ETo Data
Irrigation Scheduling Technologies
From tensiometers to capacitance probes to fully equipped weather stations, the variety of technology available to growers has expanded greatly in recent years. This video provides a general overview of some of the types of irrigation scheduling technologies that are being used by local growers.

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